Products Liability

We consume or use products constantly in our daily lives: foods, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals, machinery, and tools that enhance every facet of our lives and our businesses. Most of the time we are grateful to have access to so many products. We trust the manufacturer’s claims that its product will work and will beneficial or satisfying as expected. However, when a product falls short of the manufacturer’s claims, or worse, causes physical or psychological injury or damage, the results can be catastrophic or even fatal.

What sorts of failures could be the grounds for claims in a legal case? Our legal system generally looks to what caused the injuries: was it a defect in the product’s design; a defect in the actual manufacture of a product; omissions or false claims regarding the marketing of that product; failures to warn the public about the potential for hazards; or a breach of an implied or express warranty? In many cases, a product’s failure will affect not only one person but also the entire group of people who were at risk from the consumption or use of a product.

Consider, for example, a poorly designed child's highchair that collapsed, a defect in a SUV that caused it to roll over, or tires of compromised quality that blow out. The injuries can be horrendous. Likewise, consider some of the most well-known alleged offenders in the medical arena who produced drugs like Vioxx, Zoloft and Fen-phen, where public health and safety came into play? In matters such as those, considering the lack of adequate regulatory oversight, individual lawsuits are often the only way to draw attention to a product’s failings and put pressure on manufacturers to produce a safe and reliable product.

Given the enormous number of products used daily by both the general public and highly specialized groups of workers and/or consumers, the legal aspects of products liability is vast and complex. Consequently, finding a firm that focuses on this area of the law is essential.

Notable Claims have been made in a wide range of product areas:

  • Medications;
  • Household and family products;
  • Home equipment malfunctions;
  • packaged or prepared Food products;
  • Vehicle failures (rollover, airbag, explosion accidents);
  • Boating and recreational equipment;
  • Industrial equipment and plant failures;
  • Medical devices;
  • Toxic chemicals;
  • Even failed safety equipment.

Experts in such cases are crucial. Successful settlements, both in and out of court, require specialized technical knowledge of everything from accident scene investigation to engineering to the analysis of chemical components of materials. Consequently, these types of cases require a highly experienced legal team versed in and firmly committed to the prosecution of this complex area of law.

Attorneys at Jehl Law Group know how to devise strategies for navigating a labyrinth of requirements in both State and Federal Courts. Our experienced team knows how to build an effective approach to prosecute and recover the maximum benefits for those seriously injured as a result of product defects. Injured parties owe it to themselves to obtain advice from attorneys with extensive courtroom experience and the coordinated support of a highly skilled staff – all of whom are committed to obtaining justice for their clients.

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