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Nursing Homes Brace for New Levels of Scrutiny in the Wake of Pandemic | The Daily Memphian

As the nursing-home industry regroups, it will have to consider facility redesign from an infection-control perspective, which many say will mean eliminating double-occupancy rooms and large, common areas.

[Cameron Jehl's] experience with nursing home neglect is that it’s tied to low staffing ratios and is worse for residents who don’t have regular visitors. He expects when families are allowed back in to visit, there will be pressure sores, unexplained broken bones and a raft of lawsuits.

He’s also annoyed that an industry that is supposed to be equipped to handle infections is now petitioning the U.S. government for immunity from wrongful death lawsuits. 

“How can you do a horrible job and then say, ‘We shouldn’t be responsible. We want immunity.’ They are still profiting during all this.”

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