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Bloomberg Businessweek: Cost-Cutting at America's Nursing Homes Made Covid-19 Even Worse

An investigation into a troubled chain in Tennessee reveals the industry could have done more to stop the virus.

As CareRite has expanded its business to include 29 homes in Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee, some attorneys specializing in cases of alleged nursing home neglect have become familiar with the company. 

"What we see over and over again is the lack of staffing and the lack of supplies," says Cameron Jehl, an attorney in Memphis, who's filed at least five lawsuits against CareRite in Tennessee, alleging that cutbacks contributed to residents' health problems, infection control issues and more. One of his suits was filed on behalf of a woman at Bethany Center who developed bedsores and also fractured her hip in a fall last year.

Read the full article, featured on Bloomberg Businessweek.
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