Accidents & Personal Injury

Personal injury and accident lawsuits encompass a broad range of cases, which include many specialized areas. Often times, one case may include a number of claims, such as products liability, negligence, breach of warranty, breach of contract, premises liability, and healthcare liability, just to name a few. From the outset, it is essential to talk to an experienced attorney and have his or her team ascertain the most solid basis for your legal complaint.

At Jehl Law Group, we will provide you with a free consultation to discuss the merits of your potential claims. After a careful assessment and determination regarding the merits of a potential case, the process of investigation begins. Our attorneys will walk you through the process step by step, keeping you advised of the status of your case as they work toward a satisfactory resolution. At Jehl Law Group, we believe that having the support of a respected attorney is to your advantage. Large insurance companies need to know that you have someone working for you who takes your case seriously. Unlike some of the large firms that may treat you like a number, we do our best to give you the individualized attention you deserve.

As stated above, personal injury claims will often involve multiple areas of the law in the same suit, such as products liability, wrongful death, premises liability, auto accidents, and more. As different as all these types of cases may seem, they all involve severe personal injuries, and multiple claims may well increase the impact of those damages on a settlement or a verdict at trial. See the examples below.

  • A man working on a construction maintenance site was severely burned from an avoidable manufacturing defect in a backhoe;
  • A 7 year-old was rendered paraplegic in a head-on collision due to inadequate restraints in the back seat of his mother's automobile;
  • A sportsman suffered severe nerve injury from a gun that went off from a defective fire control system when the safety was released;
  • An elderly woman was rendered quadriplegic after a fall due to an inadequate barrier on an embankment at the edge of a trailer park.

Personal injury is the “umbrella” that connects all of these matters. Any damages sought will depend on the allowable claims, which are also subject to the laws of each State. Keeping up with changes in these laws makes it possible to reach a skilled resolution of the most serious accident and injury claims.

Compensation for damages is important to any plaintiff and your attorneys will fight to obtain the best satisfaction possible for the injuries involved. If you or a loved one is damaged beyond repair, how many areas of your lives are impacted? Financial compensation is not intended, nor could it ever be, a replacement for what has been lost in many of those areas. It may, however, enable you to pay bills, maintain the routine of your lives in the coming months and years, and provide relief from the financial and emotional stresses incurred from an injury or loss.

When you hire an experienced attorney, you have the relief of knowing that you are not alone in your fight. At Jehl Law Group, we will work with you throughout the duration of your case to recover the compensation that you deserve.

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